In just 3 short years Urban Fitness Clubs have turned heads in the fitness community with a unique brand catering to communities. With a dynamic schedule Urban Fitness brings the latest trends of fitness classes with already proven successful foundation classes that not only keep current clients happy but encourage new memberships from within the community and word of mouth. Focusing solely on one style of fitness gets dull fast and people won’t stick around to see results.

Becoming a part of the Urban Fitness Club family give you ongoing support from the master instructors, marketing team and management. Urban Fitness Clubs encourage free thinkers and owners with an entrepreneurial spirt who bring new ideas to the table while always willing to take advice from their fellow business owners to develop the strong foundation required to get the business making profit.


Urban Fitness is the best Vancouver fitness club where you can enroll in Boot Camps, Kickboxing, MMA, Self Defence, Core, ObstacleFit, TRX, Barre, Zumba, Insanity, Tabata, Pilates, Combat and Yoga. Get results with the best instructors, reasonable prices, non-intimidating, female friendly, no contracts and pay as you go. Look good, get healthy and lose pounds guaranteed.

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