1. Polite cooperation to the staff or management on every visit
  2. For inquiries outside of class time only email or visit in person
  3. New clients must purchase a pass online prior to your first visit
  4. Online registration is required for all classes
  5. Please arrive 10 minutes early and check-in at the studio every class
  6. 12 hour late cancels and no-shows will be charged a $15 cancellation fee
  7. Excessive late cancels result in membership holds or termination
  8. Please only reserve classes 1-2 days ahead and do not over book
  9. Make your trainer aware of any previous injury or health condition
  10. No entry to the workout area or washroom when a class is in session
  11. No dirty or outdoor shoes. Upon arrival all shoes must be changed
  12. All belongings must be stored in the change room
  13. No bags, personal items or clothes allowed on the workout floor
  14. Do not stretch against or lean on the walls
  15. Do not drag or damage equipment
  16. No excessive chatting in class
  17. Do not rest mats on walls or equipment
  18. Equipment cleaned and returned exactly as found
  19. Not be held responsible for lost belongings. Leave valuables at home

All purchases are non-refundable with the exception of an injury accompanied with a doctors note excusing you from classes.

Urban Fitness Clubs reserve the right to cancel any membership without cause. Urban Fitness Clubs also reserve the right to terminate a membership if there is a breach of rules of contract or any serious misconduct.

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